Our MISSION is simple … to “Raise Funds” to help a Veteran in need obtain a Service Dog

Based on the most recent US Census, we have well over 24 million US Military Veterans living in our country.  In New York State alone, we have 988,217 Veterans.  About 50% of our returning military men and women, often as a result of multiple deployments, are diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  Many are diagnosed with TBI (traumatic brain injury).

As members of the Good Ole Boys Junior Bassmaster’s … our “YOUTH-BASED MISSION” is to raise the necessary funds needed to “KICK-START” the purchase of one (1) or more trained Service Dogs, so as to assist as many of our warriors as possible.

Our GOAL is simple … to provide an “Opportunity” for our Veterans

Our Goal and the Opportunity of placing a trained Service Dog in the home of our Veteran will help improve their symptoms from combat-related, or similar injuries!  This Opportunity will help them to gradually adjust themselves back into civilian life and to help them as a “team” to work through their present and future challenges.

This Opportunity also reduces the pet-over population problem, by training and placing these shelter or rescue dogs into good homes and healthy environments.

Our OBJECTIVE is simple … to KICK-START the “purchase” of a trained Service Dog

Our Objective “Is PerPETual”.  Once our youngsters have raised $2,500, we contact one of our providers and begin the process of “procuring” a trained Service Dog with and for our qualified Veteran.
Once the process is complete, then our Mission begins once-again to raise the necessary funds required to purchase yet another trained Service Dog for our next Veteran.

Our SUCCESS … is up to YOU

Together, WE can make this happen!  Our Veterans need you to care!  Please donate a personal or business contribution of any size.  You will receive a 501(C)(3) certificate for your contribution.  Please use the PayPal payment plan on our website.  The Good Ole Boys Junior Bassmasters is listed as a 501(C)(3) Public Charity and is fully tax deductible under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the IRS Code.