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April 30, 2019 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Meeting begins promptly at 7PM.

Special Guest Speaker for tonight is Honorable Gregory S. Oakes - your Oswego County District Attorney who will speak to us on the following subjects;

Top ten (10) Youthful offenses that you have locally presided in;

What type or nature of crimes,

Age of the offender/s,

Results or decisions made in each case (in & out of Court)

Current Status of the offender/s


Cyber Bullying & Stalking in Schools & playgrounds

Heroin Overdose as well as Drugs being disguised as “SAFE”

Vaping (Youngsters currently being pressured)

Distracted and/or Boating DWI

Human Trafficking as it applies to youngsters

Wearing Seat-belts front & backseat including (“Backseat Bullets”)

Being affiliated in criminal situations with one or more problem youngsters, even when you personally were not or have not committed the crime